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Display Shield / Adapter for OLED display module with Arduino connectors compatible


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    Main features

    • The board is an adapter which connects the 12 kinds of OLED display panels to the Arduino boards.
    • Test for Arduino UNO compatible boards, compatible with Arduino Mega.
    • Use SPI or I2C interface
    • Works with DmOledLibrary

    Physical Characteristics

    Module Overall
    Size 56.12 x 116.54 mm
    Weight 32.2 g




    Source code and Resources

    This board is made to work with the following display modules:

    DM-OLED28-614/615, DM-OLED32-616/617/618/619  (for P1 connector); DM-OLED2002-608/609 (for P2 connector); DM-OLEDC13-621, DM-OLEDC15-622(for P3 connector); DM-OLEDC17-623  (for P4 connector); DM-OLED2002-602 (for P5 connector)

    Application Reference

    At first, it needs an Arduino board and one of OLED display module according the DM-ADTAU-007.
    Then, you can install the product step by step:
    1. Connect the DM-ADTAU-007  directly on top of an Arduino pin compatible device.
    2. Connect the OLED display module on the relevant connector on the DM-ADTAU-007.
      (For example, connect the DM-OLEDC15-622 to the P3 connector)