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XR Development Kit with Type-C input


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    DisplayModule XR Development Kit with Type-C input DisplayModule XR Development Kit with Type-C input DisplayModule XR Development Kit with Type-C input DisplayModule XR Development Kit with Type-C input DisplayModule XR Development Kit with Type-C input

    Your XR resolution

    Do you think you are far awary from the XR (VR,AR,MR) glasses or HMD?  No, you are just missing a ON-TO-GO Development kit .DisplayModule introduce this kit to you now. It is the most quick and cheap way to realize your XR dream. 

    Kit bases on Free-Form Surface optics technology, supports Dual 0.7inch 1920*1080 Micro AMOLED, has 100 inch large size screen with high resolution and light, highly integrated multifunction driver board .

    Type-C cable plug in,  hot-plug work on the host devices like Smartphone, Notebook, or PC which support DisplayPort alternative mode over type C. Support Pupillary distance adjustment , 8M camera, motion sensor, audio and USB type-C power supply.

    Base on USB device protocol , it is easy to develop yours Application,specially on your Android smartphone. Control and access the USB Camera ,Sensor and Display as your habitual way.

    You just consider how to design yours XR man-machine interaction content and yours HMD construction. It is your a simple XR solution for your products fast prototyping.

    Main features

    • Free-Form Surface technology, 100inch large size screen with high reslution and light, highly integrated multifucntion dirvier board.
    • Type-C interface with DisplayPort alternative mode and power supply.
    • Pupillary distance adjustment
    • Support 8M CMOS Camera
    • 9axis sensors for motion detection,Speaker , USB audio.


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    Kit specifications

    Module Overall
    Virtual Screen Size 100 inch
    Eye Relief 19 mm
    Exit Pupil 7 mm
    Pupillary Distance 64 adjustable
    FOV 45 degree
    Weight 55 g

    Driver board V1.0

    Hardware Design

    There is a USB hub dirver IC on the Develop Kit of the main board and had been programed firmware.
    Just to plug the kit on your mobilephone or notebook by Type-C interface .
    You should design your audio part if you want to use mic or speaker.
    About the hardware specification please check the Hardware User Guide .


    Structure Design

    You can realize your own idea whether glasses or helmet.
    You can download the structure component example here.
    We can offer structure design technical support including 3D print service.


    Software Design

    It a good idea to develop your Appliaction by android because 5G is coming.
    You just consider your scenes and contents rather than bandwidth.
    We offer some samples on github and will continous update new project on it.


    # DM_AR_DevKit
    Android application samples for Displaymodule's AR development kit
    The samples in this folder,More detial please check the Readme in corresponding folder


    ## DM_AR_sensor_display_demo
    A simple sample to show how to control DM AR glasses and access the Sensor


    ## DM_AR_USBCamera_demo
    A simple sample to show how to control DM AR glasses's USB Camera and preview on display



    If you have any questions please:
    A Send email to info@displaymodule.
    B Write a review below.
    C Submit issues on github for software questions.
    D Social media Post interaction.



    1 My mobile is Type-C interface, but can not work?
    The type-C should support PD(power delivery) and DP(Display port) function.


    2 Can I ware my glasses to view?
    Yes, but you should adjust the distance , it is not apply to the Eye Relief spectification absolutely.


    3 There is display stripe noise sometimes.
    Yes, the Type C fpc is easy to be disturbed. We strongly suggest that you fix the fpc on the leg of glasses with good shield. We will cancel the fpc on V2.0 version.


    4 Can I only buy one monocular optical module?
    No, but you can disassemble it and design your glasses without the metal holder. It means that you will fix the pupillary distance.


    5 What version should I select?
    Version V2.0 is our recommanded which is more reliable and provide more extension interface.



    Hardware User Guide V1.0

    Hardware User Guide V2.0

    HDMI to Type C Dongle Design Guide

    Adaptor board  DM-ADTTR-019 datasheet

    Android Applicaition software develop Guide please check in github

    Packaging List

    one Optical module
    one Driver board with Cable(V2.0 with cable)
    one Type C fpc(V1.0 only)
    one Type C cabel(V1.0 only)


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