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7.5" 640x384 SPI E-Ink Paper - Black and White


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    Main features

    • 7.5" Black and White E-Paper 
    • 640×384 resolution  E-Ink raw display
    • No backlight, keeps displaying content forever even no power supply
    • Easy to use, displays any contents via SPI interface, including geometric graphics, texts, and images
    • Ultra low power consumption, basically power is only required for refreshing
    • It is easy working on Respberry Pi with DM-ADTPI-013


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    Display specifications

    Module Overall
    Screen size 7.5" inch
    Resolution 640 x 384 pixels
    Module dimension 170.20 X 111.20 mm
    Weight 45 g



    Source code



    DM-EPD75-001 Datasheet

    E-Ink driver IC: IL0371


    Packing List

    1. 7.5inch e-Paper x 1

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