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Display Shield / Adapter for Arduino - SPI


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    TFT Shield for Arduino UNO & Mega Front TFT Shield for Arduino UNO & Mega Back TFT Shield for Arduino UNO & Mega 45

    Main features

      • SPI Interace
      • Made for Arduino UNO compatible boards, compatible with Arduino Mega
      • Works with DM-TFT43-108, DM-TFT50-111
      • Works with Touch and Trans Flash
      • Converts 5V signals to 3.3V

    Physical Characteristics

    Module Overall
    Size 52.54(W)x56.00(H)x1.60(D) mm
    Size (including pinheader) 53.34(W)x56.00(H)x19.00(D) mm
    Weight 18.3 g



    Source code and Resources

    Source code and examples can be found in our DmTftLibrary which can be downloaded from
    Look here for instructions on how to use our libraries.

    We offer mBed support for our displays using this adapter, look at our page for more information.

    If you prefer UTFT/UTouch have a look at this page for instructions.

    This shield can work with other display's also, but we don't give any support for these.