The next generation of wearable hardware

Design your XR projects with a DisplayModule Development Kit to shorten your development timelines.


  • Smart eyewear, the extension of glasses
  • AR/MR headsets, the extension of computers
  • VR headsets, the extension of gaming consoles
  • Large variety of optical module, hardware, and adaptor technologies
  • Complete solutions encompassing hardware ,architecture and software development platforms.


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The Peripheral Vision and Depth perception of the human eye

February 25, 2020

DisplayModule introduces some concepts of AR glasses parameters 04
Birdbath optical module with rotary extinction air guide technology goes on sale today

January 07, 2020

The module uses a unique polarization-based compensation, extinction, and reflection technology that doubles the utilization of light energy and greatly reduces power consumption.
It can not only prevent the image from leaking, but also see the Clear image of user eye through the lens for sincere communication.

Optical see-through --Birdbath

January 01, 2020

Birdbath generally is comparatively inexpensive to down right cheap while also being relatively small/compact while having  good overall image quality. The design fundamentally supports a very wide FOV.