A Next-Generation Solution for Augmented Reality Display

In the world of Augmented Reality (AR), the performance and quality of optical modules significantly impact user experience. Thus, today, we delve into the DM-ARM-101 AR optical module, a highly specialized and powerful solution for AR display.

Superior Visual Parameters

The optical performance of the DM-ARM-101 is exceptional, providing a field of view angle of 30°=26.16°(H)×14.71°(V), blending the real world with virtual information seamlessly. With a resolution of 1280 x 720 and full RGB color, it ensures users experience visual excellence in the AR environment.

This module boasts a brightness of 800 nits and a contrast ratio of 500:1 (FOFO), delivering dynamic and crisp image effects. With an 80% uniformity of brightness and an 8-bit grayscale, the DM-ARM-101 ensures stable and clear display under various environmental conditions.

Highly Adaptive Operating Environment

The DM-ARM-101 displays impressive stability under diverse conditions. It can function consistently within a temperature range of 0°C~50°C and a humidity range of 45% ~ 70% RH. Moreover, under extreme high and low temperatures, the module can still display normally, not showing any abnormal images or flickering phenomena, demonstrating its resilience and durability.

Ergonomic Design

The DM-ARM-101 incorporates a meticulously designed binocular module. The left and right optical casing, LED board, and LCOS board have a non-symmetrical design, with a rotation of 83.7° on each side. This design mimics the physiological structure of the human eye, enhancing user comfort. Furthermore, the recommended distance between the eyeball and the LOE is not more than 18mm, and the recommended display center distance for the left and right eyes is 63.5mm, further enhancing its ergonomic characteristics.

Flexible Electronic Parameter Configuration

The electronic parameter configuration of the DM-ARM-101 is highly flexible. The recommended RGB currents are 20mA, 23mA, and 15mA, respectively, but users can adjust the LED DRIVER register configuration according to the actual brightness requirements. Additionally, for the OVP0921 and ISL97901 (LED DRIVER IC) configurations, the module also provides clear instructions and guidelines for users to customize settings as needed.

Exquisite and Durable Construction

In terms of structure, the DM-ARM-101 AR optical module features meticulous design and high-quality materials. Its LCOS FPC connector is 30-pin, compatible with HIROSE's BM23FR0.6-30DS-0.35V(51) connector. The LED connector is 1mm High, 0.5mm Pitch, and 4Pin (model: AYF530435), facilitating flexible interface docking.

Regarding service life, the overall theoretical life span is more than 12,000 hours. In a continuous 240-hour aging test, 100% of the sample machines passed, demonstrating excellent durability.

In summary, the DM-ARM-101 is a robust, precise, and stable AR optical module. With its superior visual performance, high adaptability, ergonomic design, flexible electronic parameter configuration, and exquisite construction, it offers a promising AR solution for professionals. Moreover, the module's high performance and stability will significantly influence the future of AR—a prospect worthy of our attention and anticipation.

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Hello, we would like to evaluate the use of ARM-101 on our AR glasses. Do you have any information to learn about. We already have a sample chip for OVP0921.Looking forward to receiving a response,thanks


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