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AR Optical Waveguide Module 1280x720

AR Optical Waveguide Module 1280x720


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ARM-101 Technical Specifications

Field of View30°=26.16°(H)×14.71°(V)
Resolution1280 x 720
ColorFull-color RGB
Brightness800 nits
Contrast Ratio500:1 (FOFO)
Brightness UniformityOver 80%
Eye Movement Range10x10 (mm)
Imaging DistanceOptically Infinite
ARM-101 Light Waveguide Module
ARM-101 Light Waveguide Module Pin Map

Pin Map

VDD5supply voltage5.005.506.00V
VDD15supply voltage1.351.501.65V
VIHhigh level input voltage1.21.2VDD15 +0.3V
VILlow level input voltageVSS -0.3VSS -0.30.4V
IILinput leakage-2020μA
CIinput capacitance5pF
IDD5supply current, VDD510mA
IDD15supply current, VDD1570mA
CITOITO capacitance3.05.0nF

Positioning and Installation Design

Positioning Plane

The waveguide plate serves as the positioning benchmark in the assembly process of various parts of the light engine module, and it has the highest accuracy in form and positional dimensions. It can be used as the primary positioning plane for the assembly of the light engine module and the glasses case:
1). LOE Front Plane: Positioning in the front and back direction.
2).LOE Top Plane: Positioning in the up and down direction.
3). LOE Side Plane: Positioning in the left and right direction.

Fixing Method

Design the internal waveguide plate contour of the front shell of the glasses to be consistent with the above positioning plane contour. Correspond the position of the above positioning plane one by one with the position on the surface of the light engine module, and fix the light engine module to the glasses case (to ensure the strength of the front shell of the glasses).

ARM -101 Light Waveguide Module Positioning and Installation Design

Structural Design

Optical Display Area

1). Display Area 38mm×12mm (Cutting prohibited section)
2). Waveguide size 49.93mm×29.5mm (Default shape)
3). Display center, designed to be directly in front of the human eye

ARM-101 Light Waveguide Module Optical Display Area
ARM-101 Light Waveguide Module Binocular Design Instructions

Binocular Design Instructions

1). The LOE structure of the light waveguide lens in the left and right light engine modules is designed symmetrically.
2). The casings of the light engine modules, LED board & LCOS board, in the left and right, are designed asymmetrically, rotated 83.7° (each at an angle of 41.8° with the front of the human eye).
3). The recommended distance between the eyeball and LOE should not be more than 18mm.
4). The recommended design value for the distance between the display centers of the left and right eyes is 63.5mm (corresponding to the human eye's pupil distance).

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