mBed Support

We can now bring you mBed support for most of our displays. Now it's easier than ever to add a display for your embedded ARM project.

We at DisplayModule are happy to bring you mBed support for most of our products. If your mBed hardware platform have an Arduino pin header then you can use our products without any soldering or wire hookups. This will decrease your development time when adding displays for your ARM projects.


We provide a library, as well as examples, which can all be found at the mbed webpage. The following can be used without adapter on mBed hardware with Arduino pin header:

Use DM-ADTAU-001 adapter for easy connection for the following displays:

For detailed information about our mBed support, look at our Getting started with mBed page page.

What is mbed? Mbed is an free and easy to use platform for fast prototyping using the Arm platform.

From the mBed website:
“The mbed platform provides free software libraries, hardware designs and online tools for professional rapid prototyping of products based on ARM microcontrollers.”

Have a look at their web page, mbed.org.

            LPC1549 Xpresso board with DisplayModule's DM-TFT28-105

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