HDMI to MIPI DSI display adapter designed to support dual-screen setups
back view of alt="HDMI to MIPI DSI display adapter designed to support dual-screen setups."
HDMI to MIPI DSI display adapter with cable
HDMI to MIPI adapter board with cables to connect dual screens
Single screen connected to HDMI to MIPI adapter board
Two screens connected to HDMI to MIPI adapter board

HDMI to MIPI DSI Display Adapter Suit for Double Screen

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Double Screen
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Sometimes standard interfaces or adapters may not meet your special needs. We provide custom adapter service for this, make sure you can easily connect our screen with your device perfectly.

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DisplayModule is a subsidiary of NexPCB, thanks to NexPCB's rich experience in design, prototype, mass production, we confidently declare that we can provide one-stop service.

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Product description

Board Specifications

This adapter consists of three parts: one driver board, one FPC cable, and one display connect board.

  • Adapter Function: HDMI to  4lane  MIPI DSI Driver
  • Supply Voltage:4.5-5.5v
  • Input Interface: A TYPE 2.0 ,HDMI 1.4 
  • Output Interface: two channel 4lane MIPI , 60pin
  • Outline : 65x64 mm
  • Driver IC: TOSHIBA TC358870XGB
    Maximum Resolution: 2160 * 3840(30HZ)
  • Display model (Double Screen): Extend , Duplicate
  • OS: Windows, RaspberrPi, and Mac  (if you want to use the Mac OS, please contact us)
  • Operation Temperature:-



This Adapter can work with:
  • DM-TFTR34-359      3.4" 800x800 Capacitive Touch TFT -MIPI
  • DM-TFT29-392        2.89“ 1440x1440 Sharp High Resolution VR Display Panel -MIPI
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