Sharp Color Memory LCD is on

by Info DisplayModule on Jul 06, 2015

Sharp Color Memory LCD is on

We got the SHARP color memory lcd: LS013B7DH06 (1.33” 128 × 128 SPI ) , which has 8 colors ( Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, White). Yes, Pebble Time using similar display panel, too.



After bring up the monochrome memory LCD, LS013B4DN04, we still using the breakout board of EA-LCD-007 to connect LS013B7DH06. Please note the voltage of LS013B7DH06 is 5V, but it is ok for debug purpose.

We use Arduino MEGA2560 to control it. Normally, it need a large memory buffer to refresh the display. 128 x 128 x 3 bits color / 8  = 6144 bytes, while it is only 8K RAM in MEGA2560. At last, we refresh it line-by-line by 128 x 3 /8 = 48 bytes.




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