HDMI Displays for Raspberry Pi is on

Hey, Guys! We are now putting 4 kinds of HDMI display for Raspberry Pi driver on our shop.


Firstly, the 5 inch with 800x480 pixels for Raspberry Pi with mini driver(DM-TFT50-117).  




Secondly, it is a 7 inch display with 800x400 pixels for Raspberry Pi with mini driver(DM-TFT70-118).


The DM-TFT70-119 size is similar to the DM-TFT70-118, but the DM-TFT70-119 has 1024x600 pixels resolution. 


However, the last kind of display module is different. It has been installed already, and it is 7 inch with 1280x800 pixels IPS panel. it will work connected to any device with HDMI, VGA or NTSC/PAL output. You can get more information in the DM-TFT70-120 datasheet.


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