Where to Buy Display Screens?



DisplayModule wants to provide the best display modules and accessories, and provide superior documentation as well as source code for all popular open source hardware platforms. And it also offers high quality, easy to use TFT displays to enrich your projects.

It contains most kinds of displays like OLEDs, TFTs, COGs, Character LCDs, Graphic LCDs, Arduino Displays, Mbed displays, Elink/Epaper and so on. Of course get some adapters and connectors.


Newhaven Display International, Inc.


Newhaven Display provides the worldwide market place with the highest quality in display technologies and design services. Specialties include OLED, LCD, VFD and custom display designs. Newhaven Display products are ideal for automotive, appliance, POS, audio/video, industrial, consumer, medical, and many more applications.

It contains OLEDs, TFT LCDs, Serial LCDs, Multi-Font Displays, Character LCDs, Graphic LCDs, Chip-On-Glass LCDs, VFDs and Accessories.




Adafruit has expanded offerings to include tools, equipment and electronics. And we will only discuss the displays of them here.


Check out Adafruit's LCDs & Display section for LCDs, LEDs, and everything in between. Along with a variety of touchscreens, HDMI displays, eInks and screens from tiny 0.96" OLEDs up to full color 10" Pixel Qi displays, they also offer unique & useful products such as the PIXEL Guts kits and Adjustable Wire Stands.

It contains Graphic LCD, HDMI Displays, OLED, Character, Graphic LED, HDMI/DVI Decoders, Retina, E-link/E-paper, Graphic TFT, NTSC/PAL TFTS, VFD and accessories.



Pervasive Displays designs and manufactures ultra-low-power e-paper displays for industrial and commercial applications. Their displays are Ultra-low power, 1 bit (black/white), high-resolution and intended to support fine text and graphical contents such as QR codes and Barcodes.

They use mature technology platforms like TFT, IC and E-Paper to reduce technology risks and improve product value. And Pervasive make design-in easy by providing standard and custom displays and support them through an ecosystem of partners. 


 Anders DX - Interfaces To Inspire


andersDX, a division of Anders Electronics plc, is a display interface specialist dedicated to making electronic systems easier and more enjoyable to use.

Focusing on non-consumer electronic systems, it uses its expertise in display, embedded computing and touch control technology to help its customers differentiate their products through exceptional user interface design.


Color Displays, TFT Displays, Monochrome Displays, OLED Displays can be found in the website. Long life, long supply, high quality and low cost.


Touch Screens and Bezels: P-CAP, Resistive, Optical, Single and Multi-touch options.



MilkroElektronika makes development boards, compilers, accessory boards, additional software and books for microcontrollers. In-house design and production is one of the key aspects of MikroElektronika. It gives them ability to act fast and accomplish ideas quickly.


Display boards provide easy-to-use interfaces for LCD, GLCD and TFT displays of various sizes.




4D Systems designs and manufactures compact and cost effective Intelligent Display Modules using the latest state of the art OLED and LCD technology with an embedded custom graphics processor. Their range of products can be utilized for rapid application development purposes or as stand-alone systems.

It contains intelligent, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, OEM Graphics, Beaglebone, OLED, LCD, Audio and camera displays modules and accessories.




Crystalfontz is a supplier of LCD, OLED, and other display modules used in embedded systems, rack-mount servers, instrument clusters, and other devices.

They also provide a full complement of accessories, including touch screens, cables, PC mounting brackets / Drive Bay Kits and development / demo boards.

It contains USB LCDs, Serial LCDs, Graphic LCDs and OLEDs, Character LCDs, TFT LCDs, OLEDs, Sunlight Readable displays and Accessories.

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