New Adapter for OLED display module with Arduino connectors compatible

Nowadays, two kinds of adapter/shield for different OLED  display modules with Arduino connector compatible is coming. This shields is designed by researchers for DisplayModule's products. And both adapter can directly connect to the Arduino boards and display modules.

Firstly, DM-ADTAU-007 is an adapter for the following OLEDs:

DM-OLED28-614, DM-OLED28-615, DM-OLED32-616, DM-OLED32-617, DM-OLED32-618, DM-OLED32-619 (for P1 connector); DM-OLED2002-608, DM-OLED2002-609 (for P2 connector); DM-OLEDC13-621, DM-OLEDC15-622 (for P3 connector); DM-OLEDC17-623 (for P4 connector); DM-OLED2002-602 (for P5 connector)


In addition, DM-ADTAU-010 is the other adapter for the following OLEDs:

DM-OLED1602-601 (for P1 connector); DM-OLED1602-606, DM-OLED1602-607(for P2 connector); DM-OLED1602-603, DM-OLED1602-604, DM-OLED1602-605, DM-OLED2004-610, DM-OLED2004-611 (for P3 connector); DM-OLED22-612 (for P4 connector); DM-OLED096-624, DM-OLED13-625, DM-OLEDC095-626 (for P5 connector)

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