What is IPS Display?

What is IPS?

      IPS is the initial letter of In-Plane Switching . The LC (Liquid Crystal molecule, same as below) in LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) will switch the direction following the Electrode voltage. Conventional LCD switch freely including Vertical and Horizontal. But IPS only switch on Horizontal and the long axis of LC is parallel with Substrate forever. That is the reason we named it. 

       In order to insure the LC switching on certain plane we place the Positive and Negative Electrode on Lower Substrate. It is the other difference between them.

       IPS is normally black without power, the light transmission is controlled by the Electrode which is vertical with LC long axis. Higher voltage brings larger switching angle and more light transmission.


What is the advantage of IPS?

       Let us check Conventional LCD firstly. There is different projection size between left and right. Though the brightness is not same because of the Phase Delay and Light Transmission.     

       But IPS LCD havs not this problem. Because the projection size is same between left and right. It is a fundamental solution to View Direction difference and it enlarge the View Angle at the same time.

        IPS has more advantages, Such as color expression is wonderful and Contrast Ratio is big on static status because the switch angle can be controlled by voltage exactly.

        Because LC is on a certain plane the ripple area is small and it will recover quickly if we press the LCD surface. So IPS LCD has a popular name -“ Hard Screen”.


What is the disadvantage of IPS?

        IPS has disadvantage certainly, The Aperture Ratio is low because we both place the Electrode on lower Substrate . We need more backlight lamp to light and high voltage to drive distance LC.

        Another one is the product is expensive. 


What is the IPS category and indicator?

There are several categories such as S-IPS, IPS-Pro etc. They have not same View Angle, Brightness, Contract Ratio and Color Saturation. We need to compare the detail indicator carefully.


        Here just introduce the concept and give you an initial impress.

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