OLED History Timeline & When OLED was Invented

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, or OLEDs is a technology that has been around for several decades. In the early days of OLED technology, the focus was on developing simple, low-cost displays. The first OLED was created in the late 1980s by researchers at Eastman Kodak. However, over time, OLEDs have evolved into a versatile and highly sought-after technology, with a wide range of applications in the display and lighting industries.

History of OLED - DisplayModule

1987: The first OLED prototype is created by researchers at Eastman Kodak.

1991: The first commercial OLED product, a simple red OLED display, is produced by Kodak.

1998: The first blue OLED is produced, opening up the possibility for full-color OLED displays.

2002: The first OLED TV is introduced by Samsung, a 13-inch prototype display.

2007: The first OLED smartphone, the Sony Ericsson W580i, is introduced.

2010: The first OLED television for consumer purchase is introduced by LG.

2014: The first curved OLED TV is introduced by Samsung.

2017: The first foldable OLED smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy X, is unveiled.

One of the most exciting developments in OLED technology has been the introduction of flexible and transparent displays. These displays have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with displays, making them more immersive and user-friendly. For example, Samsung has already introduced a line of foldable smartphones that use OLED technology, while LG Display has developed a flexible OLED display that can be rolled up like a newspaper.

2019: The first OLED-powered laptop, the MacBook Pro 16-inch, is introduced by Apple.

In conclusion, the history of OLED technology is one of rapid evolution and innovation. From simple red displays to the latest in curved and foldable displays, OLED technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. With its bright, vivid displays, fast response time, and high contrast ratios, OLED technology is set to play a major role in the display and lighting industries for years to come.

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