Getting started with mbed

Here is the list with our mBed supported displays including links to the mBed component page, at the bottom of each component page you will find a link to a notebook page with more detailed information on how to set it up.

Use DM-ADTAU-001 adapter for easy connection for the following displays:

Use DM-ADTAU-003 adapter for easy connection for the following displays:

Getting started

When using mbed with DisplayModule's TFT screens, make sure you have full access to the Arduino pin header. Sometimes this require some hardware settings. If your mbed device does not have an Arduino pin header you have to manually mix and match the signals, refer to our datasheets.

Below you find hardware settings for a couple of popular mbed hardware platforms.


Hardware settings for LPCXpresso LPC1549

                      LPCXpresso LPC1549 and DM-TFT28-105

Pin D5 and D13 is connected to the same pin on the MCU and a solder jumper need to be changed to use another pin. The hardware setting is needed for the following displays:

The DM-TFT28-105 and DM-TFT35-107 does not need this setting (D5 is not used by these display modules).
Have a look at the schematics at EmbeddedArtists website, page 3, SHT 4. You can see SJ6 have to be soldered to the right to change D5 to P0_11:


Hardware settings for STM32 Nucleo F401RE

                       STM32 Nucleo F401RE with DM-TFT35-107

For the STM32 Nucleo F401RE D0 and D1 is not connected by default, therefore we have to modify some Solder bridges.

The modification needs to be done for:

No modifications are needed for the following modules as they don’t use D0 and D1:

Solder bridge modification:
SB62 – Shorten
SB63 – Shorten
SB13 – Open
SB14 – Open

Look at chapter 5.9 Solder bridges in the User Manual from ST’s webpage.



After the hardware settings for STM32 Nucleo, TX, RX is not connected and you will not receive any messages like printf or Serial.println. If you don't want to reverse the settings you can put two flying wires to enable temporary messages (when not using D0 and D1)

  • One from Morpho header CN10 pin 35 (TX) to header CN3 pin RX
  • One from Morpho header CN10 pin 37 (RX) to header CN3 pin TX

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