Outdoor Displays Recommendations for Handheld Devices

Outdoor display should meet several requirements.

A Readable under sunlight.

B Low power comsumption.

C Wide operation temperature.

Displaymodule introduce serial outdoor display to you.


A Transflective TFT serial:  From 2.0 inch to 3.5 inch. If you need touch feature please contact info@displaymodule.com. 

The readability of the content in very bright light is perfect even without any backlight.

Save power by reducing or turning off the display's backlight during bright environments.

B High brightness serial: From 3.5 inch to 4.3 inch w/o touch.

Good readablity in bright environments even direct sunlight with brightness automatic adjustment.

Wide operation temperature is suitable for any environment.

C E-ink serial: From 1.54inch to 7.5inch black or three color.

No back-light, good readablity just like paper.

Ultra low power comsumption, keeping content forever even no power supply.


Displaymodule dedicate to supply multiple easy-to-use serial display for you. Any requirements and questions please feel free to contact info@displaymodule.com.


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