Revolutionary 14K Ultra-high PPI MicroLED Display Technology

         Mojo Vision published the smallest pixel size and highest pixel density dynamic Display to date: Mojo Vision 14K PPI Display today. Their prototype technology is said to drive the world's smallest pixels and achieve a pixel density 300 times higher than that of today's smartphone displays. The display USES a technology expected to play a key role in next-generation wearable devices, AR/VR hardware, and headsets: MicroLED.

       The MicroLED USES only about 10 percent of the energy of an LCD display, is five to 10 times brighter than an OLED, and supports comfortable outdoor viewing. "Mojo Vision's new monochrome display technology provides a world record of 14,000 +ppi pixel spacing and pixel density of more than 200Mppi2, making it the smallest pixel size and highest pixel density display available for dynamic or mobile content," the company said.

      "Mojo's high-density MicroLED represent a significant improvement in display," said Paul s. Martin, deputy director of display at Mojo Vision. "Creating a screen with smaller pixels allows for a low-power display that is almost invisible and does not distract users as much as mobile devices do today. This prototype demonstrates MicroLED's ability to create a seamless AR experience".

Mojo Vision 14k PPI Display Specification:

1 0.48mm MicroLED

2 1.8um Pixel Pitch

3 Pixels Per Inch:14000

4 Pixel Density:200M


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