1.14-inch IPS Display Module with 240x135 resolution
Back of 1.14-inch IPS Display Module
Side View of 1.14-inch IPS Display Panel
Side View of 1.14-inch IPS Display Module
1.14-inch IPS Display with 240x135 resolution and SPI interface

1.14" IPS Display 240x135 - SPI

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Sometimes standard interfaces or adapters may not meet your special needs. We provide custom adapter service for this, make sure you can easily connect our screen with your device perfectly.

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DisplayModule is a subsidiary of NexPCB, thanks to NexPCB's rich experience in design, prototype, mass production, we confidently declare that we can provide one-stop service.

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Product description

Display Specifications

  • Diagonal Dimension : 1.14 inch
  • Resolution : 135x240 pixel
  • View Direction : All View
  • Touch Mode : None
  • Module Dimension : 28.0x31.4x3.1 mm
  • Viewing Area : 14.864x24.912 mm
  • Supply Voltage : 3.0 V
  • Interface : 4 wire SPI
  • Luminance : 400 cd/m2
  • Drive IC : ST7789V
  • Operation Temperature : -20℃~70℃
  • Storage Temperature : -30℃~80℃




Driver IC: ST7789V-V1.4

DM-TFT114-397 code

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