2.8 inch TFT Display Module with 240x320 resolution and resistive touch capability, designed for Arduino & mbed, utilizing SPI interface and equipped with 4MB Flash
Back of 2.8 inch TFT Display Module with 240x320 resolution and resistive touch capability
Top view of 2.8 inch TFT Display Module with 240x320 resolution

2.8" 240x320 TFT Display Module with Resistive for Arduino & mbed - SPI, 4MB Flash

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Sometimes standard interfaces or adapters may not meet your special needs. We provide custom adapter service for this, make sure you can easily connect our screen with your device perfectly.

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DisplayModule is a subsidiary of NexPCB, thanks to NexPCB's rich experience in design, prototype, mass production, we confidently declare that we can provide one-stop service.

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Product description

Display Specifications

  • Diagonal Dimension : 2.8 inch
  • Resolution : 240x320 pixel
  • View Direction : -
  • Touch Mode : None
  • Module Dimension : 70.10x55.14mm
  • Viewing Area : 43.2(W) 57.6(H)mm
  • Supply Voltage : 5.0 V
  • Interface : SPI
  • Luminance : 240 cd/m2
  • Drive IC : Ilitek ILI9341,XPT2046
  • Operation Temperature : -20℃~70℃
  • Storage Temperature : -30℃~80℃



DM-TFT28-105 Datasheet
XPT2046 Touch Controller Datasheet (0.9MB)
ILI9341-V1.10 Display Controller Datasheet
Winbond W25Q32BV-Rev1 32 Megabit SPI Flash memory Datasheet

Source code and examples can be found in our DmTftLibrary and its User Guide

We have mbed support for this displays, look at our mbed page for more information.

If you prefer UTFT/UTouch have a look at this page for instructions.

Please Note!
Because UTFT uses software SPI, the speed is slower than using DmTftLibrary and it require exclusive access to the SPI pins. This also means UTFT can't be used at the same time as UTouch or other Touch libraries.


DM-TFT28-105 Schematics (48KB, Dec 2013)


DM-TFT28-105 2D Front Autocad drawings
DM-TFT28-105 2D Back Autocad drawings

You can use IGC's Brava! free DWG viewer to view the drawings

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