DIY VR Headset with Cardboard

      As we know 5G is upcoming. There is huge beneficial for wireless 4K/3K AR/VR. In future you will have perfect  AR/VR experience without cable drag. However it is belong future. Do you want to make yourself AR/VR glasses to experience ahead of schedule? 

    Human  recognize the distance according the difference of left eye and right eye. The principle of Virtual Reallity is that two displays or two display area respective display different picutre before your left and right eye.

   DM-TFT29-392 is a 1440*1440 rectangle TFT display. Two display can composite 2880*1440 (3k) resolution. DM-ADTTR-016 is a HDMI to 2 chanel MIPI  adapter.  You can input 3k VR video from HDMI interface and set divided mode to display. After that  print your cardboard to enjoy.

   If you get 5G wireless solution, congratulation, you just design a mainboard to take place the HDMI adapter. You will have a perfect AR/VR glasses.

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